They had to make up their minds real first. They had to act quickly otherwise they would never live to tell what happened.

“Mom see what I got!” Acacia said showing her mother a post she had been working on for the entire week.

“Sweetie that is so nice of you.” She said wrapping her hands around her face. “But we need something more than a mere love post…something that can turn things around…something hefty.” She said. Not quite sure of what she meant by something hefty probably there was no such thing.

“Our teacher said there was nothing above love. He said love is the only tool that brings people together to exist peacefully.” She paused for a moment as if looking for the right words, “like you and dad even if you’re from different religions, is it not for love you’re together?”

Her mother heaved heavily, surprised from where she got so much wisdom but it did not matter at the moment she knew exactly what to do. Let her hold the post high. LOVE

177 Words


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Rise above your fear#Part 1

Fear is a state of the mind and at times self-instilled. Of course there are things that are globally feared but the kind of fear am referring to is the one in our heads. The fear that holds us back from enjoying the beauty of living; that fear that enslaves us and have us as it’s subjects.
We are afraid of failure, we are afraid of being laughed at; we are afraid of people’s opinions that are based on their perspective rather than fact. But hold on and think for a moment what is there to lose anyway? Rather what is the worst thing that could happen? Analyse the situation, look at the pros but don’t overlook the cons and if there’s nothing to lose, do it! Fail and fail again till you learn to do it right!
“Doing what you love” might sound like a cliché, but believe me there’s no living twice. You only live once, don’t keep postponing your happiness till you forget the sweetness of being alive.The beauty of living lies in your happiness and the self-fulfillment you find within. Don’t be afraid to start! Things always find a way of working themselves out.
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Say it! let them know how feel; Don’t be afraid to walk out of that frustrating job, well the pay might be good but just for how long are you going to persevere? Don’t be afraid to walk out of a bad marriage, if you are not happy that’s reason enough! Life is worth living and not surviving and for how long will you survive at the mercies of fear🙄. Don’t do it tomorrow, do it now !

#Rise above your fear# Part 1

#One More Day

Not as though I have not had other days before but one more day with you would be the undeserving grace for  a wretch like me.

I would grab you one last time and smile for the only photo together. I would spent the whole day with you, tell you how much I care, how much I love you, give you the attention you that you truly deserved…Just One more day

My busy life obscured me from seeing the present, I was too busy chasing the future, the future that I know not what it holds. You would always come later, ‘there were important things at hand,’ so I thought. But you were my present, you should have been the important thing!

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to accomplish something  big that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic.

Now that I have one more day, I will say it plainly and clearly, to my family and my  friends, yes I do love you and yes I do care.

#One more Day…                                          

The Human Race…

Ooh ye poor man,
What happened to those days…
Those days when The Human Race was Human.

Those days when Human Life was sacred,
Those days when morals were highly regarded!
Those days when his problem was our problem,

Yes those days when a crime was a taboo,
Those days when charity began at home…
Am talking about those days…
Those days that are quickly fading away

So many innocent lives slain,
Many lives at stake,
All because of someone’s gain!

Ethnic difference will be our stumble
Power and fame our crumble
Religion our reason,
But what will it take us to learn?
That we are one race, The Human Race

Do you ever consider,
How selfishness it can hinder,
All the benefits this world gives,
To every soul that lives,

Our hearts are closed and hardened,
Hardened with enmity and malice,
Malice that only mounts to violence and selfishness,
Selfishness, a cuts off of The Human Race

Draw nearer to your neighbor,
Release self and give favor,
To those you see around
Just look they will be found.

Just then we can stand tall
Tall with pride and fulfillment
The fulfillment and satisfaction of being part of a race
A race that cares for the other, a race that holds back at nothing
Yes! The only race we know, The Human Race


The commonly used word “Fisi”


Did you know that “Fisi” a Swahili word translated to mean hyena, is not only a common word among Kenyans but also Malawians.

“Fisi” a term used to refer to men who would “scavenge” on ladies given an opportunity, bears the same meaning in Malawi.


The only difference is that, in Malawi a ‘Fisi’ is highly regarded and respected, at times paid to break girls’ virginity! Parents sent their girls (as young as 10-14 years) to sex initiation camps to lose their virginity what is considered a “sexual cleansing ritual”, meant to avoid a curse from befalling the families. The girls would later be pushed into arranged marriages.

You did not know that the commonly used word “Fisi” has got its origin, did you?

HIV infected man is paid £3 to take girls’ virginity as part ritual




The cup

People come in and people go out
The sun rises and the sun sets
Minutes turns into hours
Hours yielding into days and night
Days bringing forth months
Months slowly giving way to years
But that cup never gets filled

That cup that comes in all sizes
Some big and some small
Some yellow while others blue
Some metallic some plastic
Its origin matters not either
But that cup never gets filled

The cup is carried by all
Just as long as there is need
Both the old and the young
The sick and the hungry alike
Its size increasing with the need
But that cup never gets filled

Some stand with it
Other prefer it on the ground
A few begging words
Or rather a bowed head
And slowly coins start popping in
But that cup never gets filled

Coins… and more coins go in
At times a few drop notes
Others pass without a second glance
Others show a little sympathy
One or two words of love
It’s evening soon and people go back to their nest
But believe me when I say that cup never gets filled


That cup never gets filled


Photo Center

“No…No…No! This is not it!” I yelled as I stared in disbelieve at my supposedly studio to be. I always dreamed of working in a prestigious, luxurious and comfy studio, probably on the third floor of some building with scented flowers outside, a  balcony to capture the rising sun and enjoy coffee in the setting sun!

But this was definitely not it! The walls were badly painted with almost fading paintings, words badly inscribed <Photo Centre>. Not to forget the clashing colors…blue and yellow. Now that recall I hated yellow since I was two..and now that it was incorporated with blue…yuck what a taste!

“This is it!” Monique disrupted my thought “you will love it!” she said as she pulled me in. I shrugged my shoulders as I went in,ignoring the nauseating smell that welcomed us, after all whenever live gives you lemon why not make lemonade!

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above.

It was while we were descending this stairs that he squeezed my hands and whispered to my ears “you know I love you, right?”I had heard those words numerous times but at that moment they sounded completely different,probably it was the tight grip that he held me with.

I nodded my head in agreement and though I could not see him, I felt he perfectly understood I was sincere.”No matter what happens you also know that I do care…”
The intensity of his words sank down my heart as I gave another nod.

As I stare at this very stairs where you last held me tightly, your words loudly echoing in my ears, everything slowly makes sense. What more would you have done than give me your eyesight! Now I nod in agreement that you really cared.

Thank you to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode for providing the photo!

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. 

That glimpse of hope

That glimpse of hope

Though shattered looking like a nope

Crumbling down like a slope

We know we ought to cope

To enjoy that we hope to be dope


Tired we are but on we go stronger

That little strength pushing us forward

We believe things will be better

We hope things will be easier

We want things to be smoother


But really! With same way of things

The very way of lifestyle

Nah, it works not like that


Different results calls for different measures

They say “a little more pressure”

At times letting go of what you treasure


Hoping is good but not good enough

The action, the steps need to fall in line

Then we can relax and look at the future

And that glimpse of hope will surely brighten

That glimpse of hope will surely brighten!